Terms and Conditions

The words and terms used in the current situation are as follows:
1- Firm: A.S.A.P Company, as the owner of the Behta brand, provides an interface between the passenger and the driver through the application and provides smart transportation services.
2- Behta: The name and trademark belong to the mentioned company that provides smart services for passengers through smart systems, applications, and web apps.
3- Application: The Behta application is available in two versions for drivers and passengers, to use on smart phones with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, which provides Behta’s smart transportation services on its platform. All the material and intellectual rights of this application belong to A.S.A.P Company.
4-Website: Smart transportation services are being done through the Behta website at behtaapp.com.
5-Behta system: A set of Behta software’s features provide services such as user registration and customer support, which are being done by human resources.
6- The Passenger/user: The applicant who uses Behta’s smart transportation system, registers in Behta’s system and submits a travel request by choosing the origin and the destination.
7- The Driver: A person with a vehicle who drives the passenger from the origin to the destination, by registering in Behta system,
8- Vehicle: A registered car in the Behta system which specifications are mentioned in driver’s vehicle card and is used to transport passengers.
9- User account: an account users create in order to use behta services by entering the desired information in the system and they will be able to benefit from the smart services.
10- Private contract: A written or electronic agreement between the company and the driver or company’s business parties, for the temporary use of Behta smart services.
11- Electronic wallet: A digital wallet is the amount of credit that users have in their account to use Behta services. This amount will be calculated in the form of payment through the banking system and Shetab network member’s cards directly to behta’s electronic wallet or by using the ID or wallet of the commercial parties according to the present conditions and rules.