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For the first time Behta transportation systems, For the ease of use of all sections of the society, including people of different ages or people with physical and mental limitations, it has brought a safe, comfortable and quality trip.

Together with Behta online taxies Instead of spending time to choose the orogin and destination, organize the origin, destenation, driver’s gender and fine details of the quality of your trip in a fraction of a second by using your smart assistant, and in the shortest possible time, use dedicated travel of Behta services.

Monitor the safety of your family trip, live in Behta and make sure that your driver follows the route suggested by artificial intelligence in the safest way possible to take you to your destination in the shortest possible time. yes, Behta artificial intelligence in the travel section after checking all possible routes, directs the driver to the closest possible route with the least traffic.

During the trip, enjoy sightseeing in various parts of the 3D map.

You can choose whether the driver is a man or a woman, whether he\she plays music for you, whether he\she talks to you and even many other preferences.

with Behta travel book your trip a few hours or a few days before the desired time, so that you don’t have to worry about being late to your destination under any circumstances.

Save your time at the moment of payment, and for the first time make your transactions in simplicity and beauty, and enjoy doing your payments with many benefits.



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