BEHTA EVOLUTION lottery festival

August 6, 2022

The lottery of the first festival of Behta shopping centers and services was held on Tuesday, 01/23/1401. In this event, which was broadcasted live on Behta’s official Instagram page, we also thanked for the cooperation of the esteemed participants of this festival and appreciated and thanked the dear agents who accompanied the Behta collection in this project. After announcing the names of the winning agents and the selected host of the festival, arrangements were made by Behta’s public relations team for the presence and presentation of prizes to the winners.

The lottery was conducted in the presence of Mr. Mehran Rah as the host of the ceremony and he announced the winners while welcoming the viewers.

The names of the winners of the agents section are as follows:

1- Mrs. Mahshid Kamyab(winner of one million Tomans prize)

2- Mrs Aida Fahimnia (winner of one million Tomans prize)

3- Mrs. Nafiseh Enayati (winner of one million Tomans prize)

4- Mr. Arman Sahebi (winner of one million Tomans prize)

5- Mr. Majid Samui (winner of one million Tomans prize)


6- Mrs. Sara Davodi Khalkhali (winner of a *Bahar Azadi coin prize* )

7- Mr. Mr. Artin Dam shanas (winner of a Bahar Azadi coin prize )

Also, in the center section of the Google Festival, Mr. Iman Sahnini, the manager of Mr. Amir Shahan’s beauty salon, was announced as the chosen center, and a special statue of Behta Festival and a *coin of Bahar Azadi* were awarded to him.