August 6, 2022

A lasting memory of the first spring of the century with “BEHTA EVOLUTION

The spring of 1401 is the first spring after the start of the Behta Startup stage; Therefore, thanks to the sympathy of the dear curators who have been with us during this period, a spring festival has been held for 20 days and in order to start the interaction between the curators and the selected businesses in the city of Mashhad.

This festival is held from 01/03/1401 to the end of 01/22/1401. Respected agents can refer to the introduced centers, which are a selection of quality service providers in the restaurant and cafe sectors, coffee shops, hypermarkets, clothing stores, men’s and women’s hairdressing salons, services, and repairs, etc. Enjoy various discounts and privileges and special service quality.

The purpose of the implementation of the said project is to create a constructive interaction and benefit all stakeholders, including agents and business owners. In this regard, taking into account the improvement of the welfare level of the agents and also, in order to strengthen the customer orientation of selected centers in the city and create win-win conditions for both categories of valuable customers, we decided to record a memorable Nowruz for the sake of these loved ones.

The benefit of this festival is subject to authentication of the curators through the registered user panel on Behta’s website, for this purpose, they can scan the QR CODE embedded in the special centers of the festival.

At the end of the visit, the special Behta form that is located in the service provider’s centers is completed and again provided to them. After the end of the festival, prizes will be awarded to 7 agents. Also, the best service provider center will receive a statue award according to user polls and points received.

The awards considered for agents and service providers are:

1- Two *Bahar Azadi coins* by lottery

2-*5 prizes of 1 million Tomans for 5 agents participating in the festival by lottery; By paying the purchase fee from any of the centers participating in the project, according to the agent’s choice. *

* Every 100 thousand Tomans = one point

3- A *coin of Bahar Azadi* to the selected center based on the points obtained and comments along with the memorial statue.

“It should be noted that Behta will not have any financial benefit from this festival.”