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The dawn of quality on the height of your dreams

What does ‌Behta do?

All the decisions, actions and results obtained in the Behta collection are in a clear and codified framework. We believe that by putting efforts and relying on providing exemplary quality, we can lead people to experience the best. At Behta, we have paved this path as best and as quickly as possible.

Behta’s goal is for people to experience a carefree and comfortable life.For this purpose, Behta, by having advanced economic systems, provides this platform so that everyone can have a suitable platform to achieve this goal, so that everyone can achieve this important goal based on meritocracy..It is obvious that the best possible creation of such a platform has become an undeniable value in Behta.

The platform is the first factor that must be measured and created before even thinking about any opportunity. All the technology superpowers of the world have chosen a platform suitable for the type of activity and started providing their services in their target market, just in order to provide services in their own specialized field..

At Behta, by using Iranian creativity and ingenuity used in the design and construction of an exclusive and indigenous bio platform, we have tried to make the path to reach the goal completely clear and we have the ability to be able to do it in most related fields.With technology, we should provide such quality that all the powerful companies of the world turn to use such a platform to improve their services, but the strategy of destructive growth is contrary to our values in Behta, for this reason, we are always open-minded and ready to create The access of these companies on The Bio Platform.

It cannot be denied that these companies have made a significant contribution to the progress of human societies by providing their services. In the meantime, ‌Behta with motto The Best or Never”has gained a powerful presence, manufactured using the best services provided by this company.
It should be noted that our view has always been based on appreciation and respect for the pioneers of providing new services, now with this view we provide the most advanced and newest services in order to improve people’s lifestyles..
You can watch with your own eyes the full realization of our policy and vision in Behta.

History of Behta

Behta  was born after years of efforts in the form of a new lifestyle and not just an application, with the aim of eradicating poverty and improving the level of economic well-being of our dear people.

The members of Behta Group started their work in the field of e-commerce since 1394 AH and in 1400 with A.S.A.P company, due to the exploitation and development of their work in recent years, with the round-the-clock efforts of their professional team, they have been able to Open to the world of technology. During this journey, we went through many hardships and problems in different fields and along the whole way, we went along with our motto (the best or never) and our eyes were on conquering  global markets and gaining honor for our beloved country. The result of this ingenuity and perseverance is a phenomenon called  Behta, and for the first time in the last century, it is the only field that has the ability to compete in the field of new technologies.

After conducting many investigations and realizing that the current platforms are inefficient to realize the goals of  Behta , in order to create an undeniable strength, the project of creating a suitable platform for  Behta  was started. This platform created by Iranian ingenuity is called  Bio .

With the help of Almighty God, with patience in facing the adversities encountered along this path, we proudly present to you the foundation of years of continuous effort.

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What is currently in your hands is derived from the life, knowledge and ingenuity of Iranian youth. This application is the result of many years of efforts of the geniuses of our beloved country who, after identifying and providing the necessary training to learn and master the exclusive Bio platform, have gathered together and with a steely will, they have stood by the promise they made, even without their name get published somewhere.

We are proud to provide this pure alchemy, which was designed and made in elegance of Iran and Iranians, to you without any expectations.

Business team: Surely, the importance of this issue is not hidden to anyone that even the purest ideas will not reach their final destination until they reach the implementation stage. Beside the powerful production team of Behta, some people along with their other brothers and sisters played their part in the path of introduction, implementation and growth of Behta by enduring many adversities as the business team.

Support team: introduction and implementation is only the beginning of the story. After planting any seed, the first priority in doing the work is to take care of that seed. We have assigned this important task to those whose presence is a source of encouragement for us. Behta’s support team, people who have an unbreakable bond and wholeheartedly accept possible problems and undesirable cases, and are equipped with indescribable patience in order to solve these cases as best and as quickly as possible.

Legal Team: sharp eyes, gracious heart, exemplary humility before the law are among the distinctive features of Legal Team of BehtaPeople who are ready to put The right in its main place every second of the day and night. These people guarantee you that no rights will be violated.



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